About Us

Brawn Through Brains is a fitness & lifestyle apparel brand built around one simple philosophy:

Being the best we can possibly be: by any memes necessary.

Basically, we strive to make ourselves as good as we can at our chosen disciplines, whether that be Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, Crossfit, or any other kind of fitness endeavor, with a liberal usage of critical thought, research, and tracking of our progress, while at the same time not taking ourselves too seriously. After all, fitness & strength training is only a relatively small part of our lives, so learning to relax, laugh at ourselves, and roll with the punches is still as important.

The starting thought when developing any of our products is simple: What do we want to wear? Once we have that idea, we run with it and do everything we can to make it the best product we can. Just like our efforts in the gym.

Lift. Learn. Earn.