The Brawn Through Brains Bulletin: August

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Welcome to the first issue of the BTB bulletin - a monthly series of updates on future apparel and content coming to you soon.

First up: We successfully launched the BTB Podcast! Our first guest was Jordan Helyer (@helyerstrength), we had a great chat about his powerlifting career, his coaching, and how he quickly built a dedicated group of lifters at ION Strength and Conditioning.

Future episodes of the podcast should be available every Monday on Youtube, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and RadioPublic. 

Upcoming guests on the podcast this month include:

  • Owen Hubbard - 83kg IPF Powerlifter and Coach
  • Ryan Ransome - Head of "Our Community Is Limited", a Volunteer Organisation focused on community projects in Caerphilly

More information on the Podcast and where to find it can be found here. The Brawn Through Brains Podcast is brought to you by Podmage - A Different Kind of Casting.

Also coming this month are several video tutorials presented by Owen Hubbard;

  • "Maintaining Performance during a Weight Class Cut", focussing on how to best manipulate your training, nutrition, and lifestyle to maintain your platform performance while you drop a weight class.
  • "Building the Squat/Bench/Deadlift", 3 short videos focussing on accessories and variations you can use to fix common issues in developing each of the 3 lifts for Powerlifting.

And last but not least: Apparel.

We hope to have 2 new designs ready to drop by the end of this month. Here's a sneak peek at one of them:

Interested? Keep an eye out for updates on pre-orders soon.

That's all for this month, we hope you will enjoy everything we put out in August, see you in September!


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